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the road to success is under construction

i sort of type like im a child on the internet. altho thats not totally tru becos when i was a child, i yhused tuu type liike thiis♥

i ran the av and did a 7 hour scan and no threats were found. idk if that was a good thing or a bad thing like yay i dont have a virus. or nooo it didnt find it. or nooo then how do i fix this problem? i want my laptop to workkkk again im totally addicted to sims 3 atm and i cant play it when my laptop freezes and refuse’s to turn off or open task manager and i have to hold the power button and lose everything ive done! i neeeed it to work againnnn </3 :’(

My laptop keeps crashing and i managed to fix it but then it only lasted 2 days actually only just over one. I dont know whats wrong. Ive downloaded a AV and i hope it fixes it :(

First year of high school memory. Sat in the back of the moving truck guarding the stuff and playing Pokemon on my stepdads gameboy game :)


Is there anything other than game software for the Game Boy? It seems to me that it could make a decent scheduler. ☯94DEC


Just for fun, save a copy of your posts so that someday you can look back and remember how immature you were in 1992. ☯92MAY

my name is Summer and im 19 and i live in england

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